Single Origin - Kenya Kamwangi AA

Single Origin - Kenya Kamwangi AA

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Kenya Kamwangi AA

About the bean:

This spectacular coffee is produced by members of the Ngairiama FCS cooperative, whose membership numbers nearly 1500.

Hand picked coffee cherries are delivered by the members to Kamwangi, where it is carefully processed and sorted. Part of this processing involves soaking the fully washed and sorted beans under clean water for as long as 24 hours, allowing development of amino acids and proteins in the cellular structure of the bean. This process is considered to contribute to the acidity, complexity, and fruit flavours of the cup, for which Kenyan specialty coffee has become renowned for.

Coffee in Kenya is traditionally sold through state run auctions, however laws passed in 2006 have allowed for the direct sale of coffee to foreign buyers. This direct trade method affords greater traceability, and provides better returns for the farmers.

According to green coffee importers Mercanta, 90-95% of Kenya’s coffee is still sold through the auction system.

Flavour Notes: Green Apple, Blackberry Wine, Cranberry

Varietals: SL28, Ruiru 11, Batian

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1100-1800m

District: Kirinyaga

Brew: Aeropress, V60, Plunger