AICA Champion International Roaster 2013 + 2014


Our promise is to deliver unparalleled quality coffee and service ... always!

We are a dedicated team of coffee professionals. Our approach is to work together to grow your business and to support you fully.  Toasted Espresso leaves no stone unturned in delivering quality coffee and personal service day-in-day out.

We offer more than just excellent coffee, striving to provide growth both in your personnel and business.

We hand roast, hand deliver and hand craft to ensure we produce the best possible coffee. No single person can undertake every step it takes to get the coffee from the fincas (farms) to the flat white.  At Toasted Espresso, we make the most of our people and partners to bring you better coffee, together.

The Toasted Philosophy

We stand by our handcrafted coffee for the best shot!
We belong to a growing breed of artisans that care about each type of coffee. We roast differently according to the point of origin, and to a specific roast curve for our blends.

Our Coffee Roots

NZ has a remarkable coffee story to tell with worldwide recognition for our quality and fresh coffee driven market.
Toasted Espresso has been part of NZ coffee culture since 2002, with our coffee roots beginning earlier on.

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Espresso is the foundation. Since milk-based coffee is still enjoyed by your customers, ensure you extract a good base. At toasted, we appreciate Barista technique and understanding is key. For those Baristas who love latte art can’t help but push the boundaries. This skill is unique to milk based espresso drinks, and is an evolution in the creating of new and unique latte art patterns and designs. Practice makes perfect!

Origin Trip to Sumatra, Indonesia March 2014

Chris Innes, Founder of toasted espresso along with seven fellow NZSCA Members embarked on an inaugural origin trip to Sumatra in March 2014.

The main reason for embarking on an origin trip was to experience as well as observe, the coffee production process, meet the growers and people involved in the coffee Industry of Sumatra.

Sumatran coffee is high quality Arabica with typically earthy and large body characteristics.

Coffee Awards

For the first time in 2013, International coffee roasters were invited to enter into one of Melbourne’s leading coffee roasting competitions, at the prestigious Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA), and the opportunity to benchmark their coffee against the highest standards.
We were awarded 6 medals in the first year and 5 medals in 2014. Winning the International Roaster Trophy Award consecutively for two years – as a result of the three top combined scores.