Dedicated to your success

At Toasted Coffee we believe that our clients deserve to get the most from our multidisciplinary team to empower and help grow their people, their coffee culture and ultimately their business.

Exceptional coffee experiences

It all begins with flavour, the quest for the perfect cup that greets you every morning. The smile behind your customers coffee cup is where we come in. We don’t just care about supplying coffee because we know it’s the how and the why that really count.

Why choose Toasted as your premium wholesale coffee partner?

Toasted Coffee is a full service coffee roastery, supplying you with premium roasted coffee beans, equipment, training and machine servicing. We know a thing or two about how to help your business see incremental growth in coffee sales, how to attract new customers and most importantly, how to keep them.

We also know that the heart of every café is the espresso machinery, pumping life into your customers and cash into your till. That is why we supply and maintain equipment to keep your café and customers alive all year round.

We actively encourage the use of our resources and knowledge base as your wholesale partner, collectively creating a better experience for you, your team and your customers by leaving no stone unturned as your full-service coffee partner. 

Being a small, family owned and operated business, we truly care about engaging with people who care about coffee as much as we do.

Exceptional Coffee at a great price

Roasting great coffee for our customers is our number one goal.

We continuously develop our roasting profiles, blends and single origin coffees to ensure that we are always evolving.

Our roastery team conduct weekly cupping on coffee batches that we roast to ensure you receive consistently great coffee.

Barista Training for your team

As your coffee partner, we are only as good as the coffee your team is serving. That's why we believe that Barista Training is the best way we can have a significant impact on increasing your coffee sales.

We offer free and ongoing barista training at all levels, from complete beginner training to coaching for national competitions.

Barista Training is more than how to make delicious coffee. Successful cafes have exceptional customer service, systems, cleanliness and a thorough understanding of the coffee they’re serving. We cover common customer complaints, minimising milk wastage while maintaining high standards, equipment troubleshooting and more.

quality espresso equipment

We use top Italian espresso machine and coffee grinder manufacturers to ensure that you are equipped to make exceptional coffee.

Our network of espresso technicians across the country provide preventative maintenance and emergency breakdown support to ensure that any downtime is minimal.


We offer a full range of cafe beverages from our sip.tea range, premium hot chocolate powder and coffee syrups to smoothie mixes and fresh fruit pulps.

We operate cafe's ourselves and all products we offer have been tested in store and selected for their quality, price, usability and popularity with consumers.

FLEXIBILE, Local and excited to go the extra mile

As your local NZ family owned coffee roastery we understand that there isn't a 'one size fits all' approach for every customer.

We have the flexibility to design a custom solution for your requirements. Be it contract roasting, custom blend development or branded equipment we can help.

We still believe that the best way to do business is in person and talking to a real person not B2B ordering portals and automated phone systems.

Do we sound like the right coffee partner for you?



We use coffee from more than a dozen countries across Africa, South America, Asia and the Pacific. All coffee we roast is specialty grade arabica (80 points and higher).

We have fair trade and organic options alongside a range of rotating single origin/estate coffees.

In most cases, yes! If selling coffee is an important part of your business, we should be able to offer you the equipment for you to succeed.
The exact machine and extent of free on loan equipment will vary from site to site but we should be able to give you an indication of what equipment we can provide after an initial discussion about your business.

Every bag of Toasted Coffee is heat sealed with a one-way valve to stop oxygen from entering while allowing the freshly roasted beans to degas.
Each bag will have the Roast Date and Batch Number written on the back.
We recommend using coffee within four weeks of roasting and storing in an airtight container out of direct sunlight.

No way! Decaffeinated coffee drinkers are the ones who care the most about how their coffee tastes and we stand with our decaf customers to the end. We do an incredible sugar cane decaf fully processed at origin for minimal carbon miles and maximum deliciousness.