V60 Brew Guide


  • Hario V60 dripper
  • Hario V60 paper filter
  • Coffee server
  • Kettle
  • Grinder
  • Digital Scale
  • Timer
  • Coffee cup


(for 2 cups serving size)


  • Brew ratio 1:15 (15 times water by 1g coffee)
  • Ground coffee : 20g
  • Grind size : medium
  • Hot water : 300ml
  • Hot water temperature : 92-94 Celsius
  • Blooming time : 20ml 30sec
  • Brew time : 2:30-3:00 minutes in total



  1. Bring 500ml of water to the boil (including for rinsing/warming equipment up).
  2. Weigh out 21 grams of coffee. (1g more including eliminated beans by hand sort, and eaten by the grinder)
  3. Hand sort out any oddly shaped, or mis-coloured beans (too light/dark)
  4. Grind to a medium size.
  5. Insert one paper filter into the Hario V60 dripper.
  6. Set the dripper on a coffee server
  7. Use 150ml hot water to wet the filter and server. This rinses the paper smell out from filter and pre-heats the apparatus.
  8. Place the brewing unit on the scales and tare.
  9. Add 20g ground coffee into the dripper and lightly shake to level the coffee bed in the dripper. Then tare the grinder again.
  10. Start a timer. Make sure your scales are tared!
  11. Add 20ml of water to bloom.
  12. Ensure the coffee is evenly saturated. Let it sit for 30 seconds for blooming.
  13. Start pouring the remaining 270ml of water. Control your pouring speed to keep the filter 50-70% full. This gives a stable pressure for even extraction. You can pause and start again to keep the water level for a few times.
  14. The last pour is ideally to finish around 2 minutes.
  15. Once the filter cone is clear of water you can remove and dispose of the spent grinds & filter paper in your compost.
  16. Serve and enjoy!


Single origin light roast collection


  • Choose the right size of a dripper depending on how many cups you brew(01:1-2 cup, 02:2-4 cup, 03:4-6 cup)
  • Use the same size of paper filters as your V60 dripper.
  • Brew water temperature can be altered depending on roasting degree of coffee beans (darker : lower, lighter : higher)
  • Try not to pour hot water directly on the paper filter
  • If the brewing time takes too long, you can adjust the grind size coarser or pouring speed faster. In opposite, if too short, finer grind or slow pouring speed.