Terrain (Formerly Nude)
Terrain (Formerly Nude)

Terrain (Formerly Nude)

Flavour Profile: Fruity Floral Notes, Smooth, Bright Acidity

Origins: Colombia, Guatemala, Papua New Guinea

Process: All washed coffee

About the Blend:

Organic, from the natural, un-polluted, clean, beautiful earth.

It’s all about the Terrain, if you will.

Our Terrain blend is entirely fair trade organic beans.

Fair trade and organic are certifications that do a couple of different things…

 Organic certification covers the entire process and handling of the product from growing, milling, shipping, roasting and packing processes to make sure no untoward chemicals are part of the coffee’s journey.

Fair Trade provides farmers a guaranteed minimum price for their coffee, and a premium on any movement above that.

This might just be what makes this blend the sweetest in our catalogue, or at least in Joe’s opinion.