Toasted Coffee Colombia Decafe

Colombia Decaf

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Size 250 gm
Grind Beans

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Flavour Profile:  Brown sugar, caramelised walnut, silky body

Origin(s): Colombia, Multi-region

Process: Sugarcane Decaffeination Process at Origin

About the Blend:

Let’s be honest, decaf gets a hard time, and that’s mostly because coffee roasters don’t give it as much attention as their regular blends. We’re not one of those roasters.

As far as we’re concerned, Decaf drinkers are the biggest coffee fans that there are. Think about it, they’re in it just for the flavour; unlike the rest of us caffeine hooked java fiends.

So, in honour of the biggest coffee fans out there, the decaf drinkers, we make sure that our decaf is a one way ticket to flavour town.

You’re welcome, enjoy.