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Crema Pro - Milk Thermometer
Crema Pro - Milk Thermometer

Crema Pro - Milk Thermometer

Achieve the perfect temperature for your milk using CREMA PRO's Milk Thermometer. Made from 304 stainless steel, it features a clip for easy attachment to the milk jug and stainless steel probe. Securely packed for safe shipping.

  • FAHRENHEIT & CENTIGRADE | Our Milk Thermometer now offers the convenient feature of both fahrenheit & centigrade!
  • SECURELY PACKED | Our products are securely packed to keep the contents inside SAFE.
  • STAINLESS STEEL | The CREMA PRO Milk Thermometer features a 304 Stainless steel probe to keep durability and efficiency at it's max.
  • CALIBRATING TOOL | Every Milk Thermometer features a calibrating tool on the clip.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY | Crema Pro products are carefully crafted from premium materials to guarantee a long lasting product that will suit all of your coffee needs. Add one to your cart today!