Urnex Grindz

Urnex Grindz

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  • Patented all natural, completely food safe, and gluten free
  • Cleans grinder burrs and casings Helping extend the life of the grinder
  • Removes stale coffee residue and flavored coffee odors
  • No grinder disassembly needed
  • Grindz™ is also available in portion controlled packets


Proprietary formulation containing grains, cereals and pharmaceutical grade binders.


Grindz™ and Grinder Cleaning Tablets were first launched in June, 2005 after extensive field testing and evaluation to create a product to easily and effectively clean coffee grinders. The product owns the following US and foreign patents:

  • 8382907
  • 8216385
  • 602005002018
  • 1675492
  • 4607177
  • 2011202434