Wholesale Coffee


 We place quality at the centre of our wholesale relationships, and our coffee.

It all begins with flavour, the quest for the perfect cup that greets you every morning. The smile behind your customers coffee cup is where we come in. We don’t just care about supplying coffee because we know it’s the how and the why that really count. 

Training and Support


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No matter which stage of your coffee journey you are at, we are here to assist you and your team.

We believe there is always room to hone your craft and this effort flows on to benefit your customers. The passion and knowledge of our trainers are here for that purpose.

When it comes to support, we pride ourselves on closing the loop of full service – ensuring you always have what you need to operate at your full potential.



Delivering consistent, trouble free beverages is the key to any successful coffee service

operation. We understand the importance and value of quality espresso equipment and can offer a range of espresso equipment options to suit the demands of your site.

Toasted Espresso is proud to have commissioned the very first E71 and E71 E in New Zealand.


Sponsors of the international Coffee Master’s competition, Faema machines have been used by some of the best, most demanding barista’s in the world.

Click here to see the selection of Faema equipment we can supply 




Kudos / Props / Decorations / Awards / Accolades /


2017 NZ Cup Taster Champion

9th place in the world Cup Tasting Champion

2018 NZ Barista Guild Milk Wizard Champion

2018 Runner-Up NZ Cup Tasting Championship

2013 & 14 Champion Roaster - Australia International Coffee Awards

CQI Certified Q-Grader

Various NZ coffee competition judges

We’d love to go on a journey with you and would welcome the opportunity to come and have a chat over a 'spro anytime.  Give our National Sales Manager - Joe Mac - a call on 09 966 6485 or drop us a line here