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 Predominant origin: Ulya A

Country: Papua New Guinea

Region: Waghi Valley, Western Highlands

Screen size/Grade: 17/18

Bean Appearance: Bluish green

Varietal/Species: Typica and Arusha

Process: Washed

Aroma: Floral/Herbal, sweet

Acidity: Medium +

Body: Medium +

Flavour: Complex with some presence of sweet fruit, herbal and light spicey notes. Dark Chocolate and tomato in the finish.

Altitude: 1400 to 1800 m above sea level

Bag size: 60 kg

Harvest: May to September

Additional Information:
Ulya plantation is situated in the Kuli area which is located within the south Waghi district in Jiwaka province. It stretches from the Kuli Gap to the wide stretching Tuman River to the east. On the south-east of the area, just under Mt. Ulya – locally known as Mt. Oga – you find the Ulya plantation and wet mill.

In 2013 Monpi Coffee Exports Ltd took control of the Ulya Mill in the heart of Waghi Valley. The relatively high altitude and cooler climate of this area is ideal for the cultivation of high-quality coffee. The old Ulya Plantation (well over 200 ha and still privately owned) located immediately next to the mill is still going strong and supplies a high quality product to the mill that has seen a major overhaul under Monpi Management in 2014. With an expansion of milling capacity, a brand new wet-milling line, and a state of the art waste water processing plant, the mill is able to offer the best possible processing environment from harvest till final green bean exports.

Ulya Mill also processes cherry from the surrounding coffee blocks of Ulya Plantation. The beans have similar characteristics of the Ulya Plantation coffee. This is of no surprise, as after independence a large area of the old plantation has been given back to traditional landowners who still operate these coffee blocks. The coffee from this area is sold as a high end plantation style under the banner Ulya AX. With a certified Chain of Custody process in place for the mill, there is a guarantee of traceability and quality of its Ulya beans.

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