Mirror Pour Throwdown July 17th 2024 - Competitor Ticket

Mirror Pour Throwdown July 17th 2024 - Competitor Ticket

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Competitor Ticket for Mirror Pour Throwdown July 17th 2024

Showcase your latte art mastery not once, but twice in our MIRROR POUR throwdown.

Each round competitors will be facing head-to-head and will need to submit two cups of the same pour.


Judges will be looking for: 

EXECUTION - Contrast, milk texture, symmetry, placement.

DIFFICULTY - Number of elements and techniques, overall cohesion of design and visual appeal.

SIMILARITY - How similar the two cups are.

Win two of the three judging categories and you're through to the next round.


1st Place Prize $500 thanks to Anchor

2nd Place Prize $200 thanks to Faema NZ

Spot Prizes thanks to Bean Addicted and sip.tea

Goodie Bags - 250g Single Origin Filter Roast thanks to Sucafina NZ


Big thanks to our Sponsors: 

Anchor Milk

Faema NZ

Sucafina NZ

Bean Addicted

Toasted Coffee


Toasted Coffee Roasters

4 Link Drive, Wairau Valley, Auckland

Wednesday 19th July 2024

Doors Open 5:00pm

First Pour 5:30pm

Each pre-registered competitor will receive a goodie bag including a bag of single origin coffee - green beans supplied by Sucafina NZ and roasted by Toasted Coffee.

Any questions get in touch with Deb - deb@toasted.co.nz