Colombia Hector Zuniga EF


This coffee comes to us from Hector Zuniga, the owner of Finca La Suiza in the Huila region of Colombia. Mr Zuniga has owned and operated his farm for the last 25 years after inheriting it from his father. Mr Zuniga runs the farm with his sons and has a particular interest in experimenting with different processing techniques during coffee fermentation.

This unique lot from Mr Zuniga is a washed processed coffee with a manipulated and extended fermentation period. Generally speaking, a ‘washed coffee’ is when whole cherries are first fed through a pulper to remove the flesh of the cherry from the bean. The beans are then placed into fermentation tanks either in open air or under water, known aerobic or anaerobic fermentation, for a period of 12-24 hours. Following this step the coffee is then scrubbed clean to remove any remaining flesh before being placed out to dry. For this particular experimentation, the whole beans are placed into sealed bags for a period of 75 hours, at a stable temperature of 18’C. Then the cherries are pulped and anaerobically fermented for 90 hours before being cleaned and dried. This manipulation of the fermentation results in a greatly increased complexity in the cup and a unique flavour profile.

Best enjoyed through soft brewing methods such as Aeropress, v60, or Cafetiere.

Flavour Notes: Guava, pineapple + stewed apples

Farmer: Hector Zuniga

Farm: Finca La Suiza

District: Huila

Altitude: 1600-1900m

Process: Washed – Extented Fermentation

Varietals: Variedad Colombia

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